to develop enlightened citizenship for a knowledge society for peace and prosperity of individuals, national larger world through promotion of innovation, creative endeavors and scholarly inquiry.


Our mission

  • to provide learning environment for the growth and development of students and faculty, the university system will contribute to the educational cultural, economic and social advancement of India by providing quality education through innovative programes; by pursuing leading edge research, scholarly inquiry and creative endeavors. the university will strive to creative a learning ambience with diverse cultural backgrounds and enhance students’’ acquisition of useful knowledge, communicative skills and analytical abilities through innovative teaching and a holistic learning environment.
  • To facilitate cutting edge research in traditional disciplines and new/emerging areas at the frontiers of known.
  • To focus on relevance and quality in each area/discipline.
  • To be a global brand in the education and research sectors.
  • To provide international linkages for contextual and cultural learning for both faculty and students.
  • To involve various stakeholders including government, industry, community etc. In providing relevant and quality education and learning environment on campus.
  • To constantly review and update the curriculum to include new knowledge and society focus partnership with national and international institutions.

Interdisciplinary approach in academic and research areas.

  • To create and maintain highest level of integrity, ethics and values on campus and ensure zero tolerance for lack of these core constituents.
  • To progressively expand the current academic and research areas into their diversified focus and implementation in phases.
  • TO encourage creativity and innovation in every discipline.
  • To Nurture the talent or hidden Intelligentsia
  • To cable to the educational needs of children of transferable (Rural dwelling Parents) central govt. employees including (Job holder personal) by defense para military personnel by providing a common programme of edn.
  • To pursue excellence & set the pace in the field of school education.
  • To initiate & promote experimentation & innovations in education in collaboration with other bodies like NCTE/NCERT etc.
  • To develop the spirit of national integration & create a sense of 66 Indianans  among children.RJCE envisions itself in school edn. Committed to continually empowering teachers to actualize inside out synergy in students & enable there to fulfill, futuristic, societal , National & global needs & aspirations.