Congratulations! For selecting Rajasthan College of Education, Jakhrana for your ward. Remember your ward is an asset for us. The mission of our college is to nurture this asset so that they become leaders of tomorrow. Only inspiring teachers can be real leaders of tomorrow who can mould the young minds into versatile, global, and dynamic citizens. Education is necessary for human beings. In rural areas, it is really difficult to get education due to socio-economic limitations, narrow-mindedness, uprising crimes, and pre-conditionings. Even, one is able to get education by all means, he/she is not able to give right direction to his/her career. This problem is more acute in rural areas due to limited number of educational institutions and lack of inspiring teachers.Among varied career avenues, teaching (to be a teacher) is one of them. I, consider it the most holy and generous profession. In villages, students are not clear about their aim, not aware of what they are made for, what they can be and how they can be, which in turn results into disappointment.Consequently, I felt a dire need of a college of education in this area, where rural students can give shape to their careers and can turn their dream of getting the job of a teacher into reality I strongly believe that teachers are destiny and real character of a nation. I do believe in the words “Real India resides in villages”. I just want to be the part of this noble cause to education for rural children. So, I came up with the idea of giving a college of education to this area in 2007 having name Rajasthan College of Education with vision of ‘education at the doors-steps of rural students’. Since its inception, this college is progressing in leaps and bounds getting remarkable and constructive feedback from parents, students and all well-wishers. This college is popularly known as RPS college of Education.Now, I have arrived at the conclusion that ‘not only real India but real talent lies in villages’ In a serene, calm and lush green surroundings with all the requisite facilities like competent faculty, computer lab, science and different subjects labs, vast playground, variety of co-curricular activities, this college is helping the aspiring teacher candidates with opportunities to gain the critical knowledge and skills needed to teach all children. RCE is a co-educational college where both boys and girls are getting same education under the same roof giving a heart touching and an eye-opening message to the society that girls are second to none. I am contented to see contribution of this college by providing better education to the upcoming teachers and by providing quality teachers to this area. I earnestly request all the parents, students, and well-wishers to help us in our vision of ‘education at the doors-steps of rural students’ whole-heartedly. Do visit our college and feel the difference and get answer to the question - Why should you choose this college for your ward? I hope all your doubts will be clear. Looking forward to your hearty co-operation Thanks! "If everyone is moving forward together,then success takes care of itself." Chairman Rajshtan College of Education, Jakhrana